Creamy Jell-O Eggs
  • Jell-O Egg Mold
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 6 ounce Jell-O (favor of choice)
  • 5 ounces of evaporated milk
  1. Spray insides of both sides of egg mold.
  2. Close mold, snap each of the 6 individual egg halves until egg is firmly sealed.
  3. Place mold fill side up on tray.
  4. Add boiling water to gelatin mix.
  5. Stir 2 minutes until completely dissolved.
  6. Add evaporated milk, stir to blend.
  7. Pour into measuring cup with pour spout.
  8. Pour into mold through fill holes.
  9. Fill until each egg is filled just to top of egg shape.
  10. Refrigerate 3 hours.
  11. Open mold using a dull flat knife.
  12. Gently pry between the halves of each egg.
  13. Turn mold over and shake gently to unmold eggs.
  14. Keep refrigerated.
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